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The benefits of hosting your club registration and membership management on RacerKidz for free are many...

Status: processed 70 forms so far this season.

You can have one or more registration forms in a registration year (registration, medical forms, waivers etc). Members can:

  • save the progress at any point and come back later until all the forms are complete
  • be guided through the forms they need to complete
  • see registration progress
  • be notified of progress via email
  • manage multiple club registrations

Wow, I am impressed, excellent detail and very good documentation. Martin

As a club administrator, you can

  • see the current members
  • change their registration status / start their process
  • review the forms as they submit and accept or reject with a note (ask them to complete something)
  • extract all the registration information in several easy-to-use reports (spreadsheet etc)

It was very intuitive - nice job. Marc

Other features inclue:
  • all edits are audited (one can go back in time and see who edited which form)
  • forms do not change once submitted (for instance a waiver once signed, will never change)
  • coach contracts and team management as well (coach waivers etc)

You can offer online registration forms to your members, free. You can actually see a sample registration process online without an account or anything, if you follow this link try now and click on the red “pending registration forms” link. If you want to try for yourself, create an account.

It flows very nice - in 5 minutes I completed all my forms, without typing many things twice...Doug

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