Using Tables Pub

Tables are easy to create. There is a simple version and two special versions to create many topics, useful for instance for calendars.

Simple tables


Note that comma in this case separates the cells while Coln is just the heading. This looks like


Delimited topic creation

This is very useful when you have to enter a calendar for instance:

Dec 2, 2012;Georgian Peaks Ski;Georgian Peaks Club
Dec 5, 2012;Oshawa Ski;Brimacombe Ski Club
Jan 2,2013;Mt St Louis Moonstone Ski;Glacier Ski Club

Note that ; is the separator for cells. Race is the category for the created topics and the others are special attributes.

Looks like


If you need to add information other than when/where/by, use underscore for that column name:

The provincials;Dec 2, 2012;Georgian Peaks Ski;Georgian Peaks Club
Special cup;Dec 5, 2012;Oshawa Ski;Brimacombe Ski Club

looks like


Special topic creation

This is also useful when creating many topics wiht a regular pattern:

`{{r1.delimited2:2012 AOSD:Calendar:,:Age,Tier1,Tier2, Tier3}}

2012 AOSD is a prefix for each new topic. Calendar is the category. Age is the titel of the first column whileTiernis a name replicated for each cell. The separator in this case is;`.

It looks like:

AgeTier1Tier2 Tier3
U102012 AOSD U10 Tier1++2012 AOSD U10 Tier2++2012 AOSD U10 Tier3++
U122012 AOSD U12 Tier1++2012 AOSD U12 Tier2++2012 AOSD U12 Tier3++
U142012 AOSD U14 Tier1++2012 AOSD U14 Tier2++2012 AOSD U14 Tier3++

If you're wondering what r1 stands for is release1 - this syntax may evolve in the future...

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